Moving Tips

  • Use boxes of adequate size and strength.

  • Cushion bottom of boxes and between layers when packing fragile items.

  • Wrap all fragile items individually.

  • Pack heavier items in lower layers, lighter items in upper layers.

  • Paper cushioning absorbs shock. Be generous.

  • Loose packing creates damage. Firmly pack items.

  • Do not overfill carton. Top should close easily without bulging.

  • Use tape to guard against box bursting open in transit.

Labeling is very important. Use a heavy marker and clearly display on all four sides words such as “CHINA” or “FRAGILE.” If boxes contain liquid, clearly display “THIS SIDE UP” on all four sides. In addition, liquid items such as oil, vinegar, shampoo, and liquid soap should either be tossed or moved by hand. These items (unless factory sealed and never opened) tend to seep, and are normally in breakable glass bottles. One broken or leaky bottle can cause a great deal of damage.

Items of value such as stocks, bonds, currency, heirlooms, jewelry, passports, insurance policies and valuable papers
should not be packed for transit in the truck. Please transport these items yourself or make arrangements for their transfer.

Clothing should not be packed in garbage bags. The weight of the clothes often cause the bags to rip. It is recommended to transfer clothing already on hangers into a wardrobe box to save time and folding. Clothing in drawers can be left in place. No need to repack clothing when it can be transported as is.

Items in drawers may be left in drawers as long as they are not breakable or liquid. No matter the weight, the piece will still easily be able to be placed onto the truck and into your new home with our equipment.

Send out change-of-address cards to:

  • Banks/Financial Institutions

  • Creditors

  • Friends and Relatives

  • Insurance Companies: Homeowners, Automotive, Health, Life, etc.

  • Magazine Subscriptions

  • Newspaper Subscriptions

  • Social Security Administration

  • Utility Company (Electric, Gas, Water)

Notify these utility companies and delivery services when to stop services at your old address and begin services at your new address:

  • Electric/Gas Utilities

  • Laundry/Cleaning Service

  • Newspaper Delivery

  • Telephone Service

  • Water/Garbage Pickup

  • Water Softener/Bottled Water

  • US Postal Service

Transfer Records:

  • Automotive Registration

  • Place of Worship

  • Physicians/Hospitals

  • Drivers License

  • Attorneys

  • Prescriptions and Pharmacy

  • Schools


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